The Price of Dental Care in Costa Rica Compared to Dental Pricing in the USA

Equal Quality with a Different Cost If you’re from the USA and you’re visiting this website, you’ve probably discovered that dental care is outrageously expensive in the USA.  As a dentist from the USA, I had my doubts about the quality of care in Costa Rica. I did my homework. Here’s what I discovered. In Costa Rica, […]

Dental Sealants and Fluorides: A Method For Preventing Tooth Decay

Sealants Most people get dental cavities at some point in their life, luckily this is a common problem that can easily be prevented. Tooth decay can create extensive dental damage, not only causing the need for expensive restorations and root canals, but also tooth loss which leads to more complicated situations like distorted facial appearance. […]

Do you have Osteoporosis? Don’t forget to tell your dentist!

Communication between the dentist and the patient is crucial for diagnosis of any possible condition. Patients should always inform their dentist if they are currently taking medication to control a specific condition or disease, and if they have any type of allergies. When a patient has osteoporosis, it becomes even more important to let the […]

Modern Dentistry: Digital Systems

Along with many technological advances, dentistry has evolved towards becoming more digital in the past few years. The newest systems include computerized methods, and new materials are constantly being introduced in the market with promising results, ensuring increased success and longevity of restorations. CAD/CAM CAD/CAM means computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. Through digital methods like […]

Periodontics: Gingivitis And Periodontitis

Periodontics refers to the tissues surrounding the teeth. This includes gums, oral mucosa, ligaments and bone. A biofilm of debris and bacteria attach to the surface of teeth after eating. This is commonly known as dental plaque and it must be removed completely after brushing and flossing. If plaque is not successfully removed, it slowly […]

The Role of Preventive Dental Care in Costa Rica

Dental care can be classified in different ways. One of these classifications is preventive care vs. corrective care. Due to the increase in price of dental care in the United States, many people are neglecting to obtain the preventive care that they need. This includes visits to the dentist, correcting teeth alignment, eliminating plaque, and […]