Get the Best Fit With Digital Technology

Get the Best Fit With Digital Technology

Whether you need a new dental restoration or a replacement for an old one, we think it’s very important to have the best one possible. That’s why top dentists in Costa Rica treat each restoration as if it were being prepared to last for the rest of your life and use digital technology.

Best Fit With Digital Technology

When designing a dental fixture, accuracy is the most important factor for achieving a superior fit. A new crown, for example, has to fit the tooth that’s been prepared for it exactly. A perfect fit is critical to prevent air or bacteria from becoming trapped or the crown coming loose in the future. And if the crown doesn’t have precisely the right shape, it may cause problems with alignment or chewing. So, precision is critical.

In the past, problems with precise fit were common and were often caused by human error as each dentist made his or her own molds by hand. If you remember sitting with a mold tray in your mouth, waiting until the dentist could pull it out, you’re going to love the new state-of-the-art technology.

Today, top dentists in Costa Rica take advantage of modern digital technology and equipment to achieve precision fit.

“With the aid of computers, dentists no longer have to prepare molds. With the use of dental tools such as Advanced Sirona CAD/CAM, we are able to create restorations that fit perfectly.”

CAD/CAM refers to computer assisted design and computer assisted manufacturing. Through the use of digital x-rays and computers, dentists are able to design and produce the restorations they need with the highest level of accuracy possible. Since there is no handmade mold involved, the chance of human error is virtually eliminated.

Computer technology allows your dentist to view everything on screen from every angle. Once the dentist is satisfied, a computer then controls the machine that manufactures your custom crown, bridge or other dental restoration using the precision digital design approved by the dentist.

Another advantage of CAD/CAM dentistry is time savings. Using digital technology means efficiency. Pieces are created much faster than with other methods. International patients may have a limited stay in Costa Rica, but fast turn-around times allow you to have your restoration made and placed with time to try it before going home.

Lastly, high-quality crowns and bridges created using CAD/CAM technology in Costa Rica have another advantage: they cost much less than they would in the USA or Canada.

If you demand high-quality dental care, but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, come to Costa Rica.

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